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Remember the smell of burning leaves? A
They don’t allow that in cities anymore.B
What about piles of leaves, soft in the core,B
and jumping in, all of your stress relieves? A
Grass stains on knees and elbows of your sleeves,A
Autumn pleasures a child will not ignore,B
despite how aggrieved mothers might implore B
and how warm the late Autumn sun deceives. A
But the dignity of adulthood prevents C
the joy of who we once were from leaking through.D
The child is no longer let out to play E
and in fluffy Autumn leaf piles to vent C
pent up energies of every natural hue.D
No, as adults we think what others might say.E

There is not a metaphor in the work.

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London nautical you look so tragical with your broken tables to your shattered cables with your crackled walls to our broken tools your students are rough are rough and your teachers are tough your your breaks are long and and your food is wrong you must want us to die or you would want us to cry, when the school falls down all the teachers with run out of town and all the students with no life al there parents will grab a knive

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Deep inside of me a fire of anger burns
This fire of anger yearns

This fire of anger is my shield
It’s become my daily need

It’s making my heart and soul bleed
This fire of anger has taken over all of me

It’s slowly becoming my desire
Keeping my mind burning like fire

It’s that voice inside me that just wants to scream
This fire of anger is haunting my every dream

It’s like a deep secret hidden, unknown, unknown one I can’t seem to find
Making all I once felt, trusted and loved slowly fade away

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to the rwanda debate this is about the conflict that was happening in rwanda,moot 1 the un were wrong remain uninvolved in the Rwanda conflict. “may I welcome aditia,glen and dontaye from the affirmative team, and may I also welcome Joseph, Louie and Wesley from the team negative. May I call upon glen to speak on his groups behalf.
A casey
N mason
A Alfie
A nelson

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Scene Analysis – Hotel Rwanda

I think that the director has made use all feel emotion for Paul and his family, I think he has done this to make the film more good and seat gripping I also think its to make us feel like we were part of Paul’s family.

The scene when Paul drops out of his truck to find a bunch of dead body’s effected me the most because of how many dead body’s there were on the ground but also i find it odd that he

The camera shots were pretty ok in my opinion, I think the best shot was the shot where the paul thought his wife jumped of the roof with his kids but when I saw that clip I could feel the same kind of emotionas Paul had,it felt like all your love and your hope was being ripped out of your body but when i saw that the were hiding it made me feel pleased but since i wasn’t there i think paul must of felt exuberant.

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07:00, I woke up and I got ready to begin another day teaching.
10.30, I received a message from an anonymous source it said YOU ARE A LOSER so I deleted it
3:46, I received another one but this time it said I’m coming for you so I worried, I ran home to find my wife being abusive on the phone so I went up stairs and ignored.
4:00,I heard a noise creeking up the stairs then all off a sudden a bunch of men grabbed me and all I could remember I blacked out.
Unknown time, I woke up to find I was in a church but I don’t even remember if I’ve been there or where I was all I thought about was my mum and whether she was safe or was she alright so I made it to the exit but the doors were locked so I went the back way.

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Fate is a decision that happens in peoples life. Fate is a power that predetermines events in your life and is unchangeable. It is your destiny and is unalterable. The Elizabethans believed that this power ruled their whole life and that everything is meant to happen.From the first page of the play we here about fate. Romeo and Juliet are mentioned as star-crossed lovers meaning that fate will bring them together. It says that their love is death marked which means that their fate will be tragic. It tells us that they have no control over what will happen to them and it will lead to their demise. There are many events in the play that could have completely changed the outcome of the story. Possibly the biggest spark in their downfall would be that their families were enemies. If they had not have had such a long living feud Romeo and Juliet could have had a greater chance of being together. Another thing that could have prevented the deaths of the pair is if Romeo had never have gone to the ball in the first place. Romeo felt uneasy about going and says I fear too early for my mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with the night’s revels He senses that something bad is going to happen and there is nothing he can do about it. He goes in because he believes it is his own fate. If Mercutio and Tybalt never had to fight or if Mercutio never died as a result of the fight then Romeo wouldn’t have had a reason to attack and ultimately kill Tybalt. He would not have been banished and Juliet would not have had to take the potion to flea to Romeo. Also if Tybalt had not been such a proud man he might not have been bothered about Romeo gate crashing his uncles party. I think  Shakespeare adds fate to all his plays to make them more intense. I think if  it wasn’t for fate then Shakespeare’s plays might of not be that popular and his plays might of not be a old legend. If  I was gonna say one of his play that i fought had a good amount of fate then it would be romeo and juliet.



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